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GibbsCAM 13 Roll-outs
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What's New in GibbsCAM 13 List:

Operation Tile Stacking.

For those long programs which have many operation tiles which are hard to manage, there is an answer. New, this version is "Tile Stacking". Op tiles can now be auto-stacked based on the process which they were created by or they can be manually stacked. Double click on any stacked tile and the operations will appear in a flyout ready to be managed. Programs with many operations are now much easier to work with.

Do you sometimes machine gummy material which just won't break a chip?

New in this version is "Chip Breaking Control" in Turning. Select a dwell or retract amount and enter the chip size and your chips will be broken when you want them broken.

Do you ever want the tool to go to a certain point or follow a certain path before and/or after using it?

New in this version is "Advanced Approach and Retract". Control exactly where the tool goes before and after any cut. For both Milling and Turning.

Have you thought about broaching?

New in this version is broaching. GibbsCAM now handles both linear and rotary broaching. The software includes the ability to create and use many broaching tools.

Would you like to have a face milling toolpath which rolls into the cut and rounds the corners?

New in this version are face milling enhancements.

Eccentric Turning

Turn parts which are off-center, like a crank shaft.

  • Note: The initial dates for our roll-outs were recently changed. We did not send email notifications or advertise the dates. However, the old dates were posted on this calendar earlier. The dates were changed as the new version had not been released yet and we wanted to make sure that it was released and ready for use at the time of our roll-outs. We apologize for any confusion.

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